Thursday, March 14, 2013

Google Reader

I use Google Reader. A lot.

Google Reader is how I consume internet. Well, Google Reader is how I consume internet that I WANT to stay up to date with. I also use StumbleUpon and Facebook, but Reader is where I go to see what blogs, comics, and youtube channels have made updates.

I got a message today that said that Google Reader would be retired on July 1.

At first, I thought - "Wow, Google is starting those April Fools jokes a little early!" but then as I read through it, I realized (much to my dismay) that it wasn't a farce.

Now I'm left wondering what service I'll need to use that gives me the same abilities. I have to admit, there may be better products out there. I've never looked. Google Reader gave me everything I needed and it was already wrapped into my Google Ecosystem, so I didn't have to login on another website - why look for a replacement when this has worked so well for me for so long?

Google says this is part of their goal to focus attentions to their most popular services... maybe that means they'll finally make a 64Bit version of Google Chrome? Who knows.

What alternatives have you found for organizing RSS feeds and monitoring what you've read/watched?

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Rachael Chambers said...

She likes BlogLovin for a replacement. Not sure if I will bother or not. I never use my reader anyway but I hate to lose my subscriptions. I tend to just follow blogs through their Facebook pages.