Sunday, September 23, 2012

The sound of silence

Today I had a scare. I was filled with a sense of panic. For several moments I thought I was going to have to rebuild my music collection.

I've got about 10 GB of music. That isn't as large a collection as many folks I know, but it's a fair amount of music. Today I was syncing to my iPad and I was getting errors from many of the tracks.

For each track that wouldn't sync, I noticed the ID3 tags and album art were missing. They were still full size and the length was showing up properly, but the songs would not play.

At first I thought it was just one or two tracks... It was a lot more than that.

So I thought to myself... "Self, you're a pretty competent tech user. Whe are your backups?"

Well, I have Windows 7 Ultimate, so I checked for previous versions... Nothing from more than a month ago... And those were just as useless.

Ok, what about Carbonite? Negative. The online versions were the same damages versions.

I could try to recover them from my iPod... But my iPod often skips and distorts... I'm pretty sure it's not a reliable source.

Where else can I check... Ah! My MacBook Pro! - Maybe... Perhaps... YES!!!

All the tracks I tested play fine!

Now to back them up in like 30 new ways.

That was a close one....

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