Sunday, February 13, 2011

I think I broke the internet...

Every time I want to do a google search, I end up typing google into google... I think it's causing some sort of infinite recursion which will inevitably result in the downfall of the internet.

(I also wonder how many of you are headed over to to do the same...)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Coffee of the weak

This morning I wanted a cup of Joe, so my co-worker and I went to the local vendor to get our fix. It was an unusually cold day today, so apparently the coffee was in high demand -- and fresh brewed! That should be a good thing right?

I'm guessing that the "coffee of the week" sign had a typo... I would have been happier if the coffee had been sitting there all week... at least it would have had some flavor.

My coworker was kind enough to pay for my weak sauce, but that brings me to my next point... Am I the only person who feels like I've been ripped off more when I have a crappy cup of free coffee than when I go to Starbucks and pay $5.00 for mediocre coffee?