Friday, April 24, 2009

Observation of the day...

The phrase "what do you have in your rss?" could be mistaken for a naughty typo.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

The simplest solution is often the hardest to find.

I was once told a story, as I recall, it was about Isaac Newton (unproven creator of the doggy door). The story stated that he had a pet dog and a pet cat. The dog was much larger than the cat, and as such, he installed a door for each. A large one for the dog and a small one for the cat. It was only after he witnessed the kitty using the doggy door that he realized he only needed the one door.

I think it's funny how great minds tend to do things the hard way. Someone once told me they had a brilliant brother and a lazy cousin. Any time they needed something done efficiently, they would ask their cousin because he always had a quick easy solution where as his brother would spend hours explaining some convoluted plan that looked good on paper but wasn't practical.

I can't help but wonder if sloth, at least in this context, is a virtue.

Monday, April 13, 2009

There's no crying in baseball

Commentators for the first few years of baseball must have gotten really tired of the phrase "it's a new world record!"

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Open in new window...

I think you'll thank me for posting this little tweak I found.

I hate that Vista doesn't let you Shift or Ctrl click on folders in Explorer to open them in a new window. (I should clearify that if you take off the navigation pane from the window, that this feature DOES work... but wtf?)

It would be fine, so long as I could right click and say "open in new window"... but that is another feature they simply left out. Well, I finally got sick of it and asked the gods at Google how to do it... and they gave me a quick and easy tweak that works great!

Check out the link and try it out! I've not tried it in XP, but I think it would work there too.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Hidden Files

So, my girlfriend has a CD with some files on it. Some of those files are set to hidden. Others are not. She said she couldn't read the files properly. I popped the disc into my Vista machine and voilĂ ! There are all the files.

Thinking this is just a case of her computer isn't set to see hidden files, I take the disc over to her system and shove it in (triumphantly).

Moments pass by and I'm astonished... I change the settings to display hidden files... they're not showing up. I crack open the command prompt and I can see some files, but not all of them... All of the files set to hidden are... gone.

So, thinking it must be a fluke problem with her computer and permissions or something, I throw the disc back in my laptop and double click the drive...

...WTF... I can only see the files that are not set to hidden. I've made no changes to my computer between now and then. I have Kaspersky and it's up to date... no warnings of virus activity... Everything seems to be working, but those files are now gone!

I threw it into another system just to be sure, and it does the same thing... no hidden files on the disc.

So, I ask you this question... Where did they go?

Vista: Sync Center

I finally took the time to play around with Vista's built in sync capabilities. I've been working on a couple projects and moving files back and forth from my laptop to my desktop as I work both at and away from home. Moving thousands of tiny files back and forth over the network can take ages and frankly, I'm sick of it. I keep the files in the same place all the time (I'm very organized when it comes to long term projects), so it is only natural to set up a network share between the two computers, and I knew I wanted to sync my files, but I had no idea how easy it actually is.

In Vista, all you have to do is navigate to your shared folder, right click on it, and select "Always available offline". 

That's it. Simple. 

You have a few other options in the Sync Center... you can setup the folder(s) to sync on a schedule and what not. It's rather fancy. I recommend mapping a drive to the folder you want to sync so that you can easily pull it up from 'Computer' when you're away from home or the office.

There are lots of great resources both within Windows Vista and on the inter-tubes that go into more depth on the subject, but I think it's worth checking out!

(By the way, there is a similar option available within OneNote that allows you to sync your notebooks over the network... it's really easy to use and makes OneNote even more powerful. I now have all the same notebooks available on both my laptop and my desktop... Neat!)